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Yamaha PACS+12 Pacifica Standard Plus Electric Guitar - Sparkle Blue, Maple Fingerboard


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Introduced in 1990, Yamaha’s Pacifica solid body electric guitars gained instant worldwide popularity thanks to their outstanding quality and value. Indeed, with its smooth playability and sonic versatility, it didn’t take long for the Pacifica to become a stalwart on the LA session scene. Yamaha’s high-end line of Pacificas designed by Yamaha Japan in partnership with Yamaha Artist Services in Hollywood. Featuring lightweight, resonant chambered bodies, top-shelf hardware, and powerful pickups developed by Rupert Neve Designs, these guitars raise the bar for performance and sound while retaining the series’ renowned affordability. Spec’d with Rupert Neve Reflectone pickups in an HSS configuration, the Yamaha Standard Plus PACS+12 Pacifica serves up the fat, snarling lead tones and shimmering cleans evocative of coveted vintage humbuckers and single-coils.