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Yamaha SA2200 Brown Semi Hollow Series Classic Double Cutaway Semi-Acoustic Guitar


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The Yamaha SA2200 combines a classic design with outstanding craftsmanship, premium materials and player-focused features to create a guitar that perfectly combines looks, sound and playability.
With the SA2200, Yamaha has refined the thinline semi-acoustic to perfection. A solid block of wood runs through the otherwise hollow body for enhanced sustain and feedback resistance, giving the instrument a remarkable ability to reproduce everything from mellow jazz tones to the aggressive snap and growl of a solidbody.
Semi-Hollow Body
What looks like a full acoustic guitar is actually a semi-hollow design with a center block located underneath the bridge to prevent feedback.


Humbucker type with Alnico V magnets. Three-point support system provides fine height adjustment between pickup and strings.
? Front Volume
? Rear Volume
? Front Tone (Push-Pull Coil Split)
? Rear Tone (Push-Pull Coil Split)
Precision design offers accurate height, tension and intonation adjustment.

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